Sugar/Salt Scrub*

45 min - $65


  • Sugar (medium exfoliation)                           
  • Salt (intense exfoliation)
  • Moisturize                                                                        

Sea Mud Masque

60 min - $85

  • Detox                        
  • Mild exfoliation
  • Moisturize                                                                        

Beautifying/Stress Fix*

90 min - $125

  • Choose scent upon arrival                          (All in 1 wrap)    
  • Exfoliation
  • Mask (detox)
  • Moisturize                                                                        


60 min - $85

  • Hot/Cold sensation                            
  • Encourages body slimming process  
  • Hydrating                                                                         

Herbal Remedy

60 min - $80

  • For sensitive skin                           
  • Reduces redness & conditions skin                              

*Essential oils to avoid while pregnant! Rose, Rosemary may increase blood pressure & contractions.

Spa Treatments

Any daily stresses, activities or diet can generate an imbalance in the body causing acne, sensitivity, premature aging and body pain. Your step to recovery starts with a personalized consultation by one of our Aveda professional spa therapist. They will design a plan for you based on the philosophy of the Elemental Nature products, then produce results and techniques that are appropriate for you.

Rosemary Awakening Treatment*

Renew the body and mind with a stimulating and cooling, dry body wrap. The treatment begins with an exfoliation and a moisturizing massage with Aveda Rosemary body lotion. After you're wrapped, the essences of rosemary and peppermint will awaken your senses while a scalp and foot massage balance the whole body. Great for when you feel tired, heavy or even sluggish.

  • 60 min - $80

Salt Glow

Total body exfoliation is the focus of this energizing treatment. Using Aveda Aqua Therapy sea salts combined with essential oils, the body is lightly scrubbed to remove dead skin cells and increase circulation.

  • 45 min - $65